Personal Projects

Wwise & Unreal

I am learning Wwise and its intergration into Unreal Engine. The first project was made showing off areas that I have learnt so far.

Demonstrated in clip:

-Footsteps (First Person)

-Footstep material switching

-Background music 

-Object collision sounds (Reverb, Random containers)

-Ambient sounds (Occlusion & Obstruction)

-Switches used for footstep material changes

-States used for background music changes


An overview of the Wwise project screen seen here.

The sounds used either come from, or are ones I created myself during a university foley project.
The music used is "Colony 9 (Night)" and "Forest of the Nopon (Extended)" both from the game Xenoblade Chronicles DE.
The map used was downloaded from the Epic marketplace.

I am next planning on creating a third person project which is a walkthrough of a creepy cave. This should give me the opportunity to experiment with obstruction, occlusion and reverb and how the sound design can be used to add to the atmosphere. I plan on teaching myself Reaper and creating the majority of the ambient sounds myself. I will also learn how to do third person sounds now that I have done first person.

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