Second Year Projects

Broadcast Sound

This module involves learning all about the different areas of broadcast audio and its uses, working with actors and radio crews to develop skills.

This module is heavily project based, requiring 4 seperate projects to be completed: Replacing all audio from a film scene; Mixing a documentary; mastering a song; producing a radio broadcast.

The main bulk of this work comes from the film scene, which involves all areas such as foley, ADR, sound design, scoring and more. The scene that I chose to do for this is a cooking scene from the Ghibli movie "My Neighbor Totoro".

This can be found here:

Grade Achieved - 72%


Audio Systems

In this module we are creating an embedded system using an Arduino Uno to create a synthesizer / tone generator.
This builds on the electronics and software modules from the previous year as C++ is required to code the system, with a heavy focus on realtime programming and efficiency due to the low specs of the Arduino Uno.

Different aspects of electronics are needed to create the hardware of the system, potentiometers, buttons, DAC systems, anti-aliasing filters, op-amps, pull downs etc.

Grade Achieved - 79%

Audio Industries

This module includes learning all about different areas of the audio industry and how it works, from areas such as game design to copyright to consultancy. Covering a range of topics, this modules coursework included a group project where we had to come up with a business plan for an audio related product that we would then pitch to a panel of judges. My group came up with a festival. Some of the difficulties with the project chosen were things like sustainability, initial budgetary costs and marketing.
Another required piece of coursework was a focused report onto one specific role within the industry. My chosen role was that of a video game audio engineer, as that is my biggest interest and personal hobby.

Grade Achieved - 74%

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